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Profile Plus, Inc. provides its client organizations—corporate, or non-profit—with training and systems necessary to develop leadership, appraise individual performance, monitor customer satisfaction, and review employee morale.

We do this by developing methodologies and their associated technologies to acquire data, analyze it, and deliver information through feedback loops to the appropriate person. We develop customized solutions tailored for our clients' individual management theories. Thus, we work with what our clients are already doing, while at the same time using tested methodologies and practices. Coupled with coaching, development and leadership training, our 360-degree feedback technologies enable individuals and work teams to develop personal development plans in areas requiring improvement. An ongoing assessment of individual and group performance through our feedback systems promotes ongoing improvement. Our unique technology allows for an ongoing assessment in a cost-effective manner.

Our technologies enable your organization to become a high performance organization. This approach enables your organization to establish a pro-active, renewal culture that continuously measures individual and group performance, tracks progress on individual development plans, and evaluates progress through specific customized, feedback instruments.
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